Thursday, May 27, 2010

Technology......Can we live without it?

I have gotten so dependant on TECHNOLOGY. How did I live without it? How did it creep into my life and become such a big part of who I am? I am an artist.

I remember back in the '90s when the Commodore 64 was released and my husband wanted to get one. I didn't want one. Maybe I didn't want something in my house that was "smarter" than me. Or maybe, deep down I knew how dependant I would become on that little smart machine.

But we got one and that little computer with all it's capabilities became a part of my life.

Then came a bigger computer and AOL.
I discovered the Internet
Message boards All of a sudden I could get information about sewing and used the Internet to increase my knowledge for my bridal business.
Instant message I could talk to friends I never met in person, but got to know quite well as we chatted about our hobbies and families. One such friend, Rainy, I have only communicated with on AOL for many years. She is now a Facebook Friend.
Online shopping and free downloads. I got an embroidery machine and had an unlimited supply of embroidery designs to use. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I discovered scrapbooking and then digital scrapbooking and then electronic diecutting machines. My crafty world increased beyond my imagination. Inspiration was at every keystroke.
Email I could communicate with friends across the city or across the country instantly. No more waiting for a letter to arrive. I quit sending cards and letters by USPS.
Online Bill Pay. I quit buying stamps.
Google Research at my fingertips. Type in a word and find the answer. Need directions, type in the address and it not only shows you how to get there, but in many cases shows you what the place looks like too.
Blogging I could share my life, my art, and Who I Am..... with my friends and family. And while writing this post, I just discovered I can do Mobile Blogging. I can send a picture or message from my Cell phone and have it show up here.
Social Networking - Facebook and Twitter - all of a sudden I had all my friends and family in one place.

I discovered cell phones. Mike ordered one with 75 minutes a month to keep just for roadside emergencies etc. I immediately upped the minutes and the we ordered another one. And then one for Zach. We could stay in touch no matter where we were. I loved it.

Soon we quit using the house phone very often. My mom lived with us and we got her a "LifeLine" box so if she needed help while we were gone, she could push the button she wore on a pendant around her neck and get help. So we kept the land line. When she left to live in an assisted living because she needed more care than I could give her, we realized we weren't using the house phone at all. We did’t have to have an answering machine because people could get us no matter where we were and if we didn't feel like answering the cell phone or it was inconvenient, there was built in voicemail. I cut back services on our land line house phone. I was going to disconnect all together, but then I thought, "what if my cell goes dead or I loose it and have an emergency with one of the babies?" So I now have a “metered” line where I can only make 25 outgoing calls a month unlimited incoming for $10 – We also changed our number because we were always getting wrong numbers. Our number was 528-0700 and the big hospital they built in our little towns number was 528-7000. It’s amazing how many Dr’s offices and labs couldn’t dial the number right. LOL I didn't want that house phone to ring, I just wanted to have it in case I needed it.Now the only time the house phone rings is when it is a telephone survey or a political call. The ones that the no call list doesn’t apply to.

About the time I discovered cell phones we started taking lots of digital pictures. We went from a 100 mg card to 2 or 4 gig memory cards. And then we needed back ups so I decided I needed a laptop to take on trips. And external hard drives to back up all those wonderful pictures we were taking. But I digress......

Everyone called my cell phone. But I still just had a plain old cell phone. No Text messages. No Internet. I have a computer and a laptop, why did I need all those extras?

And then I washed my cell phone a couple of weeks ago. I had used that old Motorola Razor with no texts or Internet for 3 years. But I needed a new cell phone now.

I went to the cell phone store and discovered I was eligible for a new Motorola Clik XT for free. OMG. A $400 phone for free. So of course I got it. And all of a sudden I needed. Unlimited minutes. Unlimited Texts. Unlimited Internet. My cell phone bill just increased. But I decided it was worth it.

How did I ever live without it? It is a mini computer with Internet, GPS, email, Facebook, Twitter, texting –that just happens to make calls. It all goes with me now!!!

Sunday we were out exploring the Texas Countryside and I got hungry for a milkshake. I searched for “Dairy Queen” and it gave me directions to the nearest one in a little town 5 miles away. We happened to be in the middle of nowhere at the time. GOTTA LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!

I am sure if need be, I could live without it. But adjusting would be hard. I would have withdrawal. Pin It

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Pam said...

Very True!! Never thought I could text at the speed of a teenager but I am pretty darn close.