Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Things I Can't Live Without......

  1. God He grants me life each day.
  2. Mike, who is my love and my inspiration and gives me courage because he believes in me.
  3. My family, who make life worthwhile.
  4. My Health without it, I couldn't do the things I do, so I try to maintain it.
  5. My dogs. They are a never ending source of entertainment (and work LOL)
  6. My craft supplies. I always have something to create.
  7. The Outdoors. Where my energy comes from. When I am feeling tired or down, all I have to do is go outside and breath in fresh air and nature's beauty.
  8. My Camera because it helps me remember all the little things I never want to forget.
  9. My home. It is my safe place, my refuge.
  10. Chocolate.
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