Thursday, December 04, 2008

Little Houses and KNK FILE FOR SALE

This is me in 1960 by my Christmas Tree. I was 7 years old. I loved Christmas. I still do, but I have been a little sad every Christmas for the last 32 years. The good news is that it is not a long lasting sadness. But it does visit me every year as I get out my Christmas decorations. My daddy built this awesome little village for under our Christmas tree when I was little. Oh how I loved that little village with the houses and little church with stained glass windows. They lit up at night and there were little cars on the snow covered roads. I was convinced that little people lived in those houses and came out while I was asleep to build snowmen and ice skate on the little mirror pond..

When I had a child, I got that Christmas Village. We enjoyed it for several years, but then one year, I stored it at my ex in laws (they weren't ex at the time) because I didn't have room in my apartment to store it and they did. But when I went back to get the box the next year, I discovered they had gotten rid of it. Hence my sadness. My beautiful little village is gone.

The sadness was especially present this year because I realized how much Drake and Adler would have enjoyed the little houses and church and cars under my Christmas tree.
This year I knew I couldn't build houses out of wood and glass, like my daddy did, but I could build some little houses out of paper and scrapbook supplies. So I created a file for my Klick N Kut Element.
These houses are too delicate to let the boys play with. In fact Adler would probably try to eat them, but I now have some houses. I will not put them under the Christmas Tree. They will sit on the cabinet in the Billard Room. And I will smile everytime I see them and think of my lost little village and how much I loved my daddy for building it for me.

I am offering the KNK files for sale for the cost of $5.99. You can pay by clicking the BuyNow button on the sidebar of this blog, which will take you to I will email a zipped file which will include KNK and EPS formats. If you cannot receive larger files in your email I can provide a download link for you through Add a note, when you make payment.
I have put quite a bit of time into designing and perfecting the files for these houses. The finished house is 5 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 7 inches tall. There are 3 separate files for this house that include :
  • the house itself (front and back)
  • windows to cut out plus separate window frames
  • door and door frame
  • window boxes in 2 sizes
  • awning for over door or window
  • gingerbread trim for roof
  • chimney and chimney topper
  • picket fence
Also included is a word document file with placement of lines for scoring and folding and pictures for ideas.
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TxScrapAddict said...


Pam said...

Again these are beautiful!I love the picture of you and the village. How sad that they threw them away, but you have replaced them with another beautiful memory!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Karen, what a precious memory. I'm so sorry about what happened to them. :( That's wonderful you have that photo and can share the story with your grandbabies.

Your new houses are gorgeous and I bet your dad would be so proud of them. :)


christi28 said...

what a precious memory of the village your father made for you! i know it is dear to your heart!

these new houses and beautiful, just like everything that you do....your right, i can just see adler chewing on them!!!

fransmomma said...

wow, those are great, karen! you're so talented. i want to be just like you when i grow up. ;-)

Maggie said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word about
Thank you so much for making us a success :)
Have a great week,