Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Stockings

When my sons became adults, I made them velvet Christmas Stockings. No more cutesy Mickey Mouse or Teddy Bears for them. When they got married, I made their sweet wives stockings to match. These stockings stay at my house and have gotten filled each year with goodies and personal items. I always put in a few little fun trinkets and candy. I also always include tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo - you know those necessities of life that you have to spend money on, but would rather spend it on FUN things. When my boys started paying their own way, I thought this would be a way that once a year, they could spend their money usually used for these necessities on something else. So for the last 15 years or so, I have made a Christmas run and stocked up on all the above mentioned things.

So yesterday as I was planning my final Christmas Shopping run, I was wondering if they really liked the stockings or if it was something that Mom did, but didn't mean as much as other traditions.

So I sent an email with the
Subject Line: Christmas Survey.

The email itself simply said:

Yes or no question
Do you still look forward to Christmas Stockings from Mom?

Zach's reply:
From mom??? I always thought they were from santa. Anyways my answer is heck yes

My reply to him:
Sorry to burst your bubble, but nope the stockings have always been from MOM…..why else do you think you get toothbrushes and toothpaste. Santa would just give the candy. :)

And then Michael replied:
Yes I do indeed!

So it is unanimous!!! I will be filling thoses stockings again and again and again. It proves you never get too old for Christmas Stockings.

As a side note: Amy's reply was:
I thought that was a guaranteed new toothbrush! So yes, of course.
Now that made me smile. She thinks so much like I do.
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Pam said...

Beautiful stockings and wonderful responses.
We always put the "needed" items in also but also always include the little box of lifesavers. One year they were not to be found and did Santa hear about that:)

christi28 said...

stockings are awesome! my mom also did the best stockings!!!

ok, i have a "help me out" question. when making your stockings, did you sew their names on first then sew the stocking together? the reason i am asking is that i bought us all new stocking this year and wanted to put our names on them but didn't want to use the old 'puff paint' or 'glue and glitter' but can't seem to figure out how to sew the names on with the stocking already made.

any ideas??? or is my "not so blonde " hair showing??

thanks friend!

Latisha said...

the stockings are just gorgeous.
You can't be the first to break a tradition now lol, so go buy some deodorant and toothbrushes to fill up those stockings :)