Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Too Tired to Eat

I was feeding Adler his peas, while he was feeding himself his mac & cheese. Drake was at the table eating -or should I say- playing with his bowl of mac & cheese. Adler started to nod off and then just laid his sweet little head down and went to sleep. I walked to my scrapbook room to pick up my camera and when I came back, Drake had crawled up on the love seat and laid his head down. With in moments, he was out too.

What a perfect pictures for a scrapbook page.
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TxScrapAddict said...

No kidding~! What precious babies!

Pam said...

Adorable!! Just wore them out:)

Maggie said...

aww he is so precious..
Thanks for adding us Cuttlebug challenge to your list..

Audrey and Company said...

Thanks for leaving me your email so you can view our private blog. Happy Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

How absolutely darling. I love little kid pics. thanks for sharing. Mary in Hong Kong