Friday, September 26, 2008


I decided Adler is old enough to start exploring with Gammi and Drake. I have been wanting to take them to the park together, but until this morning wasn't sure I was ready to handle 2 babies by myself out of the confines of our little safe place at my house. My two boys were 7 years apart in age, so I have never handled 2 little ones out in public before. I have taken Drake and Adler places separately but never both at the same time, except for walks around the neighborhood in their double stroller.
Today I got brave. It was such a pretty morning and I really didn't want to stay inside. I have shown them every bush and flower and fire hydrant in our neighborhood and really wanted to expand their horizons.

We got the car seats installed in the backseat of my Kia Sportage and stowed the big stroller in the back and headed for Brushy Creek Park.

  • We sat on a rock not too close to the lake and took some pictures.
  • We walked around the lake and looked at the ducks and grey herons.
  • We rolled the stroller right down to the water's edge and dangled toes in the water.
  • We walked out onto the little fishing pier and watched some fish jump. We didn't stay there too long because Drake couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him out of the stroller and he wasn't too happy.
  • We met a friendly Boxer Dog named Zeus who licked toes and his owner Danielle who teaches babies to swim at Emler Swim School.
  • We stopped for a little snack at a picnic area.
  • And before we left to come home, we played at the water park for a little while.
All in all, it was a great morning.
The boys had a great time and so did their "gammi". I think I passed the test. I know my "boys" did.
I can't wait to do it again!!!
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TxScrapAddict said...


Pam said...

Good for you and I bet it would be hard to tell who had the most fun!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! They are just too adorable Karen! Loved reading this story too...reminds you to remember what is most important in life. They are blessed to have such a wonderful Gammi.

Audrey and Company said...

So fun! You are definitely a brave woman, not sure I could to it. Love the sweet pictures.