Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Season has begun.....

I love weddings. For many years, weddings were my focus. I designed wedding dresses. I had white fabric and lace and bridal tulle everywhere. I got to help plan weddings. But once my kids got married I decided I would step back from my Bridal business.

I still get asked to help by friends.

So far this season I made 2 bridesmaids dresses for a beach wedding in the Dominican Republic. This wedding took place this past week. I borrowed this picture from the mother of the bride's Facebook. I made the blue dresses. This is the bride and her siblings.
We shot bridal portraits at Bob Bullock Museum and the State Capitol for a wedding we will shoot on June 12th. (Mike took most of the pictures for that one, but I will shoot at the wedding) That was a fun shoot, but I can't show pictures yet. Don't want to spoil the surprise for the groom.
I am altering a wedding dress for a friends daughter and making her veil. That wedding will be on July 9th.

And this past weekend my husband and I were photographers for the wedding of one of "our girls". Chelsea grew up across the street from us when we lived in Round Rock. It was a pleasure to watch her get married and help preserve her memories of this day.
Between the two of us, we took over 500 pics. These are some of my faves straight from my camera. It was a fun wedding to photograph.
Chelsea and her attendants.
A kiss from Dad
Mom and Dad with their daughter.
The Beautiful Bride
The bride is laughing. When they started the song for the Bride to walk on, the DJ hit the wrong button. All we heard was "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas".....about 20 times. And then finally the correct song played. The Bride was still laughing when she and her dad got to the alter. At least there were no tears. LOL

One of my fave pictures. The mother of the bride holding the hands of the two most important men in her life. Her husband and her dad.
I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Oakes
Chelsea and Matt's little boy, Hayden is feeding his mommy cake.
Did I mention, I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!?!!!
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