Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Vacation.....

I totally lost the whole month of June, because for some reason, vacation is busier than "work days". Work days for me consist of playing, reading books, preparing lunch and snacks, and trying to get little ones to lay down and take naps. Some of the most precious times for me are tiring and require lots of energy, but there are also those times while my grandsons play with their toys that I can sit at my computer (located in their play room) and work on a blog post. But during the summer when I only keep them one day a month, I stay busy doing things like house work, running errands, and visiting friends while my sweetheart is at work.

During the times Mike
is off work we explore Texas. Because his company changed the vacation policy to "use it or lose it" and he has 3 weeks he has to take off this summer. This week will be the 2nd week of our Summer Vacation. Often we go somewhere out of town, but this week will be a "STAY CATION". We made a list of things we would like to do. Then each morning we will get up and decide what we are doing that day. No schedule (except for the concert because we can't control that - the tickets are already bought and paid for). Just exploring, relaxing, and spending lots of quality time together.

Some of the things on the list are:
  • Dave Koz, Jonathan Butler, and special guest Sheila E Concert
  • dinner at 4 restraunts - 3 are old favorites and one is a new one we have never tried before
  • Check out some of the art galleries and museums in Austin
  • get up early and go to 6th street to take pictures before the light gets harsh. (photographers will understand this)
  • Take dinner to a friend who just had surgery
  • Go to a new Pool Hall that just opened in our town and play some pool and maybe have dinner. (it's nice to play some place other than home once in awhile.)
  • Take a day trip to San Antonio to take pictures of downtown and the River Walk in the early morning light. And I might get to visit the zoo and a scrapbook store.
  • Hike in some local parks and maybe a few close state parks. This is our favorite form of exercise and will probably do at least several miles every day somewhere.

The above are things we have thought of. I am sure there are other things we haven't thought of yet that may bump some of the things on the list. Whatever we do will be fun. Whatever we don't do will be saved for later.

The thing that matters most, is that we will be doing it with our best friend - EACH OTHER!!!

And of course our 7 month old Aussie, Rusty Blue will get to do much of it with us.

Stay tuned for pictures - there will be lots of them.

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