Thursday, March 26, 2009

Project 365 - Week 12

March 19 - We decided on a road trip to San Antonio to tour the Five Spanish Missions. They were all built in the 1700's. I took this picture at Mission San Jose. It was built in 1720 and in my opinion the most beautiful of the missions.
March 20 - This is my first bluebonnet picture of the year. We went for our walk at Brushy Creek Regional Park. I love to walk in this park. If one had the energy, one could walk from Hwy 183 by Twin Oaks YMCA in Cedar Park to Great Oaks Trail in Round Rock and not have to cross one street for a total of 6 miles one way. It is a beautiful trail with natural beauty, wildlife (Drake saw his first live deer on this trail just 10 feet away) and historical sites.
March 21 - We went antiquing in Buda. This is a display case that caught my eye. Not for sale but they allowed us to take a picture so we could duplicate it someday. The shelves are old picture frames with drawer pulls on the end. Very unique and pretty. Would make a great storage unit for my rubber stamps.

March 22 - Okay so I didn't take this picture, but Mike did. Since I didn't take any pictures on this day, I thought I would share these 2 cuties. We pass this field on the way to church on Sunday mornings. There is always a variety of animals out in the field. Sometimes it is long horns and other times ponies are near the fence. Mike had to stop for this picture. At one point I thought the pony was going to lick the camera lens. It was THAT close.

March 23 - Spring Break is over and my boys are back. I missed them. Drake is engrossed in his Alphabet Book. Did I tell you that he recognizes the letters in his name. When I write them, he tells me what they are. D R A K E. What does that spell? "Name" he says.
NEWS FLASH!!! For those who follow my blog. My identity crisis is over. Drake came back from Spring Break vacation calling me Gammi. Not sure why, but Nanee is gone and Gammi is here to stay. Hopefully I will get to keep the name.

March 24 - Breakfast on Tuesday morning was scrambled eggs and jelly toast. This was Adler's first piece of Jelly toast at Gammi's house. It didn't take him long to figure out that the jelly was the yummy part. He opened up the sandwich and licked the jelly off the bread. How young they learn. At 14 months he definitely knows what GOOD is.

March 25 - Adler came early so he got to see Pops before he went to work. Now Pops is Adler's favorite person and Adler is Pops favorite person. They love each other so much that when they are together, little else exists. Here is Adler trying to convince Pops that he needs to stay home and play with him instead of going to work. This scene is repeated every afternoon when Pops comes home from work.

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Pam said...

Sweet photos! Are you keeping them all scrapped up to date?