Thursday, March 19, 2009

Project 365 - Week 11

March 12 - Rocket had decided lately that she likes sleeping in our bed. This particular evening she made herself really at home. It was raining outside and I guess she got a chill, because she snuggled right in under the covers.
March 13 - My last day with Adler before Spring Break. He decided he was taking his nap with me on the love seat.
March 14 - Sydnee decided to watch TV from the futon, but there were too many pillows in her way, so she decided to rearrange them.

March 15 - Drake came to play with Nanee for a couple of hours. He loves to build block towers. On this day he was doing especially well. Most of the towers he built were taller than he was.
March 16 - No Pictures. I spent some time scrapbooking, so I guess I didn't pick the camera up on this day.

March 17 - We went for a walk at Southwest Williamson County Regional Park . There is a little train called the Cedar Rock Railroad, that goes around the park. We want to take our Grandboys on a ride sometime soon. This is one of the railroad crossing signs on the hiking trail.

March 18 - We went hiking at McKinney Roughs Nature Preserve
It was a beautiful day. Started out in the a little cool, but it warmed up quickly. The skies were blue and everything was greening up because of all the rain that we got last week. We took the Pine Ridge Trail so we could see the pine trees.

There was a section that had burned by a grass fire last June. It was still pretty barren. No grass on the ground. The trees looked creepy, like something out of a scary movie. They were still black and charred. But we found a sign of new life.
It made me think of how sometimes we think things are black in our lives. We mess up, or something happens to someone we love and we loose hope for a time. We can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then all of a sudden, there it is. Something beautiful springs forth from what we think is "barren ground". I personally have learned that when something happens that makes me feel black, that if I run to God quickly and give it to Him, I will see new life in the situation. I am always in awe of how He takes what seems bad and turns it around for good and growth. In the end, I know He was in control through it all. I just had to open the eyes of my heart and look for the signs.
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Audrey and Company said...

I love the picture of Adler sleeping on the love seat. I bet you miss him so right now! What a blessed baby he is to have your for a grandmother.

Pam said...

love the picture of Adler sleeping, so sweet. Love to walk to trail at Wilco!