Sunday, October 23, 2005

Today is a beautiful day. I am so glad to be alive. As I sit here with my morning coffee and listen to soft jazz on the radio, I think about the day ahead. We will go to church and get revitalized by worship and the Word. And we will see our kids. Zach and April are so full of life. I pray that their marriage will be as happy - no happier - than ours is. And that they will enjoy each other's company as much as Mike and I do when they have been married 28 years.

I wonder sometimes why we have been so lucky. Of all the couples we have been close to over the years, most are divorced. Most have given up when times got tough. And alot of those who are still together, seem to keep secrets from each other. I can't imagine going through life with someone and not sharing everything. I guess we are just blessed.

Today I will spend with my BEST FRIEND!!
And it will be wonderful. Pin It

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