Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My mom lives with us. She is 83 years old. The hardest thing about it is to watch her age. I used to depend on my mom. Now she depends on me. She is in reasonable good health, but we are seeing a decline in her energy and strength. My brother says she is beginning to lack motivation. Her life consists of sitting in her recliner and escaping - either into her reading material or into TV. On Wednesdays we go to the grocery store and other places she wants to shop. On Sundays she goes to my brother's house. He takes her to church and out to lunch before returning her to me.
Mom fell twice this week. The first time it was while she was getting out of the bathtub. I had to pick her up. The second was in the hallway going into the garage. I was scared she had really hurt herself. 3 years ago she broke her hip while changing clothes after church. They say that when you are that age - you don't fall and break a bone, the bone breaks and then you fall.
That is what happened then. This week we were very lucky. A few bruises but nothing major. But it has made me realize how fragile she is.
It is hard watching a parent decline. It is harder trying to get them to do what is necessary to slow down that decline. In my mom's case - it will probably mean some leg strengthening exercises and so regular activities that get her up out of that recliner.
I pray I have the patience to help her stick to it - instead of giving in and letting her vegetate, like she wants to do. Pin It

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