Thursday, August 09, 2007

It is August 2007 and I decided I would seriously join the Blogging Community and work on keeping a record of what is going on in my life. I tried a couple of years ago and made 3 whole posts. I decided I had too much else I wanted to do at my computer and neglected my blog.

Here's hoping I can keep it up this time. LOL.

For the last year I have been focusing on my scrapbooking. My sewing fell by the wayside. I needed a break from it anyhow, so I could come back and enjoy it. Now I am doing both. I will scrapbook or work on a paper craft project one day and go to the sewing machine the next.

I have learned in the past year that I HAVE to be a little creative EVERY day to be a happy balanced person. If I don't get some of my creativitiy out, I find myself losing sight of who I am and getting bogged down with worries.

I am finally a Grammi and my sweet little Drake is 6 months old today!!! He is the light of my life. I keep him 3 days a week while his mommy works and we have such a good time together. He makes me smile. It is also fun to watch him bring smiles to my mother's face. She is 85 years old and has always been a quiet person, showing little emotion. But when Drake is around she smiles and talks to him and can't wait to sit in her recliner and hold him.

I have so much fun taking pictures of Drake. I was never much of a photographer before, because I have so many professionals in the family, but now that I have a subject that is just so darn cute and a great digital camera I find myself enjoying taking pictures. You will see some I took yesterday to celebrate Drake's 6 month birthday.
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