Saturday, October 22, 2005

First Trip to McKinney Roughs

Today we went to McKinney Roughs Nature Park to Hike.

Mike and I have been married almost 28 years and it took me 25 of those to discover I really like to do the things he likes to do. He used to go to McKinney Roughs with our dogs. I never really wanted to go, so he went without me.

We have been walking around the neighborhood for exercise and one day it just hit me. We could go hiking. So I sent him an email at work and suggested that when the weather gets cooler that we should start hiking. This is the 3rd weekend we went. We have been going to places locally. This morning when we got up we decided to go a little farther from home, so we ended up at McKinney Roughs. It was a glorious day. It actually started out to be a little cool, but it warmed up to a comfortable 70s. The sky was blue and clear.

As we walked I thought about how lucky we were. We were together. We enjoyed each other's company. We are blessed.

The neatest thing was that we got little surprises of color here and there. October in Texas is not a very colorful month like it is some places. The woods are becoming dormant. The leaves are turning brown and everything is beginning to fade. A couple of weeks ago we went to Wild Basin to hike and everything was so drab. But today was different. As we walked along we would see a bush with purple berries or a tree with red berries. Occasionally there would be tiny purple flowers - or yellow -or blue. There were lots of decaying logs with with white or tan lichens growing on it - but as we were near the end of our hike, we looked down and saw a moss covered log with the most beautiful shade of red lichens growing on it. It was definitely a picture opportunity.

Life is good.

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