Saturday, January 05, 2013

Roxy's Owl Hat

 This has been my most popular hat.  It is called Roxy's Owl.  Why you ask?  Because it was originally designed and made for Roxy.  Roxy lives in New York and is the surrogate granddaughter of my very good friend .  Roxy is actually the granddaughter of my friend's late sister and she has stepped in to fulfill her sister's role.  She picked the colors for the owl because she was planning a trip to visit Roxy and her new brother Alister, last fall.

Shortly after my friend returned from the trip, Roxy's dad sent this picture of Roxy wearing her hat.  They say  Roxy loves it and wears it every day.  I posted this picture on KALDesign's Facebook Page and all of a sudden I had orders for 7 hats just like this for Christmas presents.  WOW!!

Today, I met Roxy and her family.  They were in town for the wedding.  I made the wedding dress for the bride, who is my friends daughter.  It was so wonderful to meet this sweet little girl in person and ................

to see her wearing her hat.

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