Sunday, April 01, 2012

This is Why I CRAFT!!!!

Duckie Hat
Yesterday at the Spring Craft Fair, one of my favorite little girls, Savannah, came shopping with her family.  She saw my Duckie Hat and told her Mommy " I want the Duckie Hat" several times.  She was so excited when Mommy bought it for her.

I came home from the Craft Fair and found this picture on FACEBOOK.  Savannah was at dinner with her family.  Her family went out for dinner after they left the craft fair.  It was 85 plus degrees out, but Savannah had her hat on!!!


Savannah's family always sits close to us in church during the early service.  Today they were in the row in front of us.  All I could do the whole service was SMILE because this Precious Girl had on her Duckie Hat!!

And then later...... this picture appeared on Facebook.  Savannah waiting to go to lunch after church.

She still has on her hat.

I think I need to hire her to be my official model!!!  Savannah is beautiful!!!  I think I could pay her in hats. Pin It

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