Sunday, February 13, 2011

No more pics of the day, week, year ..... LOL

The pressure is too great and the time and subject matter is too limited. With spending most of my time with 2 little ones under 4 and the landscape being brown, my inspiration is lacking. I love my grandboys and love taking pictures of them, which I do all the time. But they don't do news worthy things EVERY day and they don't change every day, so posting them on my blog seems kind of silly.
We walk as much as possible, but it has been really cold out this week and we haven't been able to get out of the house. When we do, I am faithful to carry my camera. But I just don't find that much to photograph. Winter in Texas is for the most part BROWN. The only real green, the cedar trees, turn yellow in January as they release their pollen to make almost everyone sneeze or feel cruddy.
So that being said, I will now share a few of my favorite pics from the first two weeks of February.

Every day when Mike comes home from work he and Tate have a little talk.

Three of the most wonderful boys in the least in the eyes and heart of this Gammi.

Adler really didn't want to take a nap this day, but he just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer. What a position!!!

My little Funny Face, Tater Tot.

And this is my big 4 year old Drake at his birthday party.

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Pam said...

Well, you do have some very adorable subjects!