Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures of the week 1/24-30/2011……was Photos of the Day

Well I started strong, but then I realized that this time of year, I am just not inspired by much that is around me EXCEPT my grandchildren. The weather and the evening darkness have kept me indoors more than usual. So my subject matter is very limited.
My good intentions of taking a picture everyday hasn’t materialized. And then there is the matter of posting everyday. I decided that I would make this more of a 52 week project than a 365 project. That having been said. I will post pictures once a week and hopefully in between there will be some posts of sewing or scrapbooking projects I am working on.
With out further delay here are my pictures for this week.
I got my new Laptop right after Christmas and spent the last couple of weeks installing software, organizing my digital files, and learning how to use my Bamboo Craft pen tablet that I got last summer for my birthday. I am still trying to master it and have several classes to complete, but this week I managed to do my first Digital Scrapbook page in a very long time. I still love paper scrapbooking, but this is a neat way to supplement my scrapbooking when I don’t have time to pull out my paper supplies or when I have a sewing project in progress in my studio.
shining star copy2
Monday Adler and I made blueberry muffins. He loved using the hand mixer to beat the batter.
2011-01-25 10.04.51
We had some cold weather at the beginning of the week. I love Tate in his Camo hat.
2011-01-24 08.56.10
Adler and Drake are old enough to play with their daddies’ G I Joe Action figures. But the 30 year old toys are held together with rubber O rings. The rings have deteriorated with time and I have had to repair many of them.
2011-01-27 11.48.592011-01-27 11.53.21
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings the boys and I visit my mom. She loves to hold Tate and give him his bottle. She smiles and tell him how much she loves him. So precious memories are being made.
2011-01-28 09.40.02
At almost 4 months old Tate is becoming a “smiley face”. I love seeing his eyes sparkle as he tries to talk and sing to me.
2011-01-26 15.58.03
And today, Sunday January 30th the weather was beautiful. Unseasonably warm. As we were hiking in McKinney Falls State Park, I saw this pretty little lichen among the dead leaves along the path. It was only about 2 inches in diameter, but the bright yellow added color to the dull brown surroundings.
And with temperatures in the high 70s these young men were enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the sunshine.
2011-01-30 13.35.56
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