Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A TRUE Story of LOVE

Let me tell you a story. It's a story about love.
The story begins with a man. He worked Hard all his life, He raised a family. He worshiped God. He was satisfied.
His sons grew up and moved on with their own lives and he was proud. Then His wife died and he was sad and alone.
But he had God, his church and his friends. He embraced the life as a widower and Bachelor the same way he always did with faith, strength, and a servant’s heart.
And again he was satisfied.
That was until the day God decided to turn his life upside down...
Word was passed in his church that they were going to do a cantata and invite a second church to be involved.
Of course being a man of traditional faith, and a firm comfort zone, he was skeptical, but his servant's heart demanded that he had to support his church, and he had to attend.
He found his seat and prepared his heart for a small touch from above.  He had no idea he was seconds away from not only a touch but a full on out pouring of God’s love.
He barely noticed when the usher sat a person beside him. It was going to be a packed service anyway.  That is until he turned and saw her face, and heard in his heart, say hello to your wife.
He fell in love that very day. When he asked her out and she accepted, his heart overflowed
One morning a few months later he walked into the diner that he had spent so many mornings in, talking about the weather, or the state of the world, with the other old men. But this morning was different. There was a spring in his step, a new gleam in his eye, and an odd new curve to his smile.
As he sat down he said, “Boys, you will never guess what this old man is doing..."
After some random guesses.
He said, with the biggest smile his friends had ever seen... "I'm getting married!"
True to his word, he married the woman God chose for him on Valentine’s Day.

It didn't take him long to realize, God paired him with his equal. She not only carried in her, his strength and love for life, but also his faith and the servants heart.
They began to travel, do missions, donate their time and love, and all the while grew an even deeper love for each other. This time the old man was not satisfied. He was complete. There was a smile and a wink for everyone who crossed his path, and his heart overflowed with love that he had to share.
This story could end here but there is more...
This story is also about the woman. She also worked hard. Raised a family, had the love of a spouse. And trusted in the power of God. Her Children grew into strong men and women, and she was proud. Her husband passed away, and for a while she was lost and alone.
But because of who she was, it didn't take her long to find her joy and faith. In Gods arms she found herself satisfied.
Until God turned her life upside down.
She was excited about the cantata her church was holding with its sister church. She always had a love for music and fellowship.
As she got ready she whispered to God and herself. Lord I need your love. I'm feeling a bit lonely. When she entered the church, the usher weaved her through the sanctuary past several open spots.
He sat her beside a gruff looking man. The man looked as if he was spending a few minutes in prayer, so she quietly settled in to her seat.
It took her off guard when he turned and he smiled, she noticed he had one dimple and the soft glow of joy in his eye almost took her breath, her heart melted.
They spent the evening watching the cantata together, and when he asked her out for coffee she didn't want the evening to end.
As time passed and they saw more of each other her loneliness turned into a deep seated love for this man.
When he asked her to marry him she felt like a school girl.

Their life became a dream of love, trips, missions, family and more love. God stood in the center of their union as the glue that held them together. A few happy years passed.
One morning before church, the man met her in the kitchen with an untied tie around his neck and an odd look on his face.
Her concern only grew when he asked, "Do you have any idea how to tie these things? I've been trying and I have no clue"
She knew he had been wearing ties for years. She put on her brave face and told him he looked good enough without it, and they went to church.
At his next checkup her world shook. He was diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer's
For the next few years she watched the love of her life slip away.  But for each step back away from her the Disease took him, her love carried her one step closer to him.
She was so glad that she had studied nursing, she became his caregiver. She faced each day with love and a smile. The day she feared finally came, she could no longer handle his care alone.
The man she loved was not only taken from her mentally but now physically as well.  The decision to put him in a home was one of her hardest
But every day she was at his side.
For several years she, shaved his face, combed his hair, and demand of his new caregivers the very best care and love they could give.
When his time finally came, she stood by him, rubbing his back....

Let’s stop here and look back in the man's heart.
He stood there looking in the mirror; at this piece of material that he knew was supposed to be a tie.
He had a full rack of these things so he knew he had worn them before. But today he had no idea how.... But then again he has been having a lot of small moments like this. But this one, he can't hide it from her.
It broke his pride but he finally asked his wife how to utilize the tie.

But the look in his wife's eyes broke his heart.... He hated the look of worry on his angels face, but she pushed it aside and loved him all the more.
They went to church, she held his hand, and spoke so proudly to everyone about him. Yet deep in his heart he feared her true thoughts of him, and the weakness he had just shown.
His fear only grew when at his next checkup he heard, "Early onset, Alzheimer's" everything else went blank. He saw in his heart his angel walking away. Why would someone with such a love for life want this burden? As he felt the Disease slowly stealing from him, she was there adding more love.
When anger at God, for allowing this to happen, would overwhelm him, she would place the bible in his lap and just smile and say, "Read" and so he would.
He read of God's love, His goodness, and His help. At moments like this he would steal looks at his wife and think again about how lucky he was and the anger would change to love.
Soon, he found himself trapped in a body that no longer obeyed, and stuck with a memory that always felt muddled. Strangers continued to speak to him as if they were friends or tell him they were family.
Fear became a daily part of his life, but she seemed to know his heart. Every time he felt himself slip, she would take his hand and say, "It's ok, and I love you." He knew if she said it was ok, and she trusted these people, then it would be ok.
Soon he lost memory of her, who was this woman? He knew it wasn't his mother. He could see his mother's face clearly. Was it his wife? Was he old enough to have a wife? How old was he? When he looked at his hands they looked old... But....
Times like this she would sit beside him, and hold him. She would whisper, my love, it will be ok." And because of her he knew it would. Then it hit him. She was his angel.
It was time for him to move to a different home. He guessed he was old enough to move out. He wondered... Will his angel come with him? Days turned into weeks as they always do, but for him time no longer mattered. The only thing that was real was the fact that every day his angel would be by his side, washing his face, combing his hair, and fighting the battles he didn't have the strength to do. He prayed, God thank you for my angel, I love her so...

One night while he was sleeping he saw heaven. It was so beautiful; he knew his angel was beside him. He could feel her hand on his back. As the Gates opened and he began to walk through,
Clarity returned. He looked back. He saw himself, withered and old with his wife, his angel rubbing his back. He said I will always love you. Look for me at Jesus's feet. He turned and walked into Glory.
This is where my story ends. You may ask... Is this story true?
And the answer is yes.
Who am I?
Just an outsider who had the luck to see this love first hand.
Of course some of the facts may be inaccurate, or added by my own heart. But their love is true, and I feel blessed for being able to see it, and now share it.
Please if their love has blessed you please do the same.

Share this.
And hug the ones you love. We are never promised tomorrow.

This was written by my son Bill E Quickel.
It is a true story about his friend.
It is a beautiful story of LOVE.
Feel Free to Share with all who might be touched by this love.
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