Monday, June 09, 2014


I just changed my Instagram name. It is now 3boys_and_abirdie.  It used to be " gammi_to_boys "
Read on to find out why?!!?!
Any one who knows me, knows HOW much I love my grand boys.  They are my most favorite people in the world, after my husband.  It has been pure joy being able to help raise them.
Drake was with me while mommy worked for 3 years before he started to preschool.  And I am happy to say, mommy is now with him full time teaching him wonderful things about life and love. He is now officially a 2nd Grader.

Adler and Tate have been with me since birth.  Tate comes early in the morning and then we both pick up Adler from school at 2:45 and go to their house to wait for Mommy and Daddy.  Adler is now officially a 1st grader.

Summer is here and I have a couple of months break until school starts up again.  But I will be busy.  You see, I have a new grandchild to prepare for.

Zach and April are having another bundle of joy in October.  I was so excited when they told us.....actually they had the boys tell us through FACETIME.  Above is a picture of them with their first pictures of New Baby Lambert.

30 years ago this coming October we gave birth and said goodbye to a sweet girl we named Sara Elizabeth.  She has touched our lives and the lives of others in many ways.  You can read more about her HERE .

A couple of weeks ago, April had her ultrasound to find out the Gender of the baby.  Now I have to tell you I would have been happy to have a healthy baby no matter the gender, but I was PRAYING for a GIRL.   (Not that I was trying to replace Sara, but I dearly wanted to have a little girl to love and sew for.  To make pink frilly things and use flowers on scrapbook pages.)  So you can imagine my excitement when my son called me to tell me that I could start collecting PINK things.  

This is the picture Zach and April used to announce that a girl was going to be born into our family.  I think it is so expressive in many ways.  I love this picture.

Needless to say, I have been busy planning.  And also creating.  Below are just a few things that I have make so far.

 A circular chevron crocheted blanket

A onsie embroidered with a design I digitized.

A "vintage" dress made of corduroy that was purchased when Zach was a baby. 

Barefoot Sandals and a headband.  The flowers were handmade by me too.

So I will be busy this summer.  Making things for a sweet baby girl.
By the way...... HER NAME is WREN ELIZABETH. 

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