Sunday, January 02, 2011

1-2-11 Photo of the Day

Located by Lake Buchanan on Hwy 29 from Burnet to Llano, TX this Lighthouse can be seen from the road, but everytime we have driven by it, there has never been a clear shot because of Private Property or Foliage on trees that line the road.  As we were driving to see the Eagles we passed over an area with guardrails that was close the the edge of the lake.  The leaves were gone from the trees so I asked Mike to stop so I could walk back and see if I could get a picture.   The closest we could park was about a quarter of a mile from the spot, but I was determined.  I climbed over the guardrail to avoid the oncoming highway traffic and made the trek to the opening I saw as we drove by.  Fortunately I had my 70-300mm lens on my Canon 40D in anticipation of getting the picutres of eagles, so I could get a nice picture of the Lighthouse too.  What a bonus!!!

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Pam said...

I love lighthouses! What is the purpose of this one, just decoration? I want to go to Naggs Head to see all the lighthouses!