Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11 Photos of the day

We woke up to sunshine. It was a beautiful day. So we decided to spend it enjoying nature. What better way than to try to find one of the most magnificent birds there is. We drove to Llano, TX in hopes of seeing the Bald Eagles that nest just outside of town.

It requires a big lens to “capture” the eagles if one is lucky enough to see them. This morning there wasn’t much movement. Occasionally one could see the white tuft of feathers sticking it’s head above the edge of the nest. The mother eagle would not leave the nest this morning as luck would have it. Word from someone who had a high powered telescope was that she was protecting her babies.

So here is what I saw. You can click on the pictures to view larger.


And here is a closer cropped view.


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