Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - My Blessing

This Thanksgiving will be a quiet day. Our family will be celebrating the holiday on Sunday so that my boys and their families can spend time with their other families on this day. Sunday will be the day I make the turkey and pies and all the fixings. I really don't mind at all because it means that I get a less crowded grocery store to buy all the last minute items needed to prepare a Thanksgiving Feast.

Today I will focus on my blessings. My biggest blessing is my husband. He has given me so much. When we first married, he adopted my son and became instant father to him. He worked hard so I could be a full time mommy to my boys. When the boys left home, he worked hard so that I could take care of my mother. And now he works hard so that I can take care of my Grandboys.

This man always puts me first. He always thinks of what is best for our family, before he makes any decisions. He loves me unconditionally.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, 2010. I say THANK YOU to God for giving me a husband who loves me so much that he makes it possible to have all my other blessings.

And I say THANK YOU to MIKE for all you do for me. I LOVE YOU and will follow you anywhere.
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