Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heart of Texas Studios Zoo Book - designed in part by ME!!!

This book will be a combination of TWO ZOO Books from Heart of Texas Studios

The first is their Zoo Word Bloom
The 2nd is the Large Zoo Album, designed by yours truly. ME!!!

I loved the Beach Album I completed for Pam as a sample for her to take to Orlando in September to the Vendor Fair she is attending. It was a great size for lots of pictures. Since visiting Zoos is one of our favorite things to do, we have lots of great animal pictures. It was just too hard to narrow which pictures I wanted to use for a mini album, so I decided to design a larger one. I asked Pam and her husband to cut one for me and now they will be producing it for sale. Along with the Zoo Word Bloom that they have been selling for awhile.

Here are some of the shaped pages from the album.

My elephant page is round. In the album released for sale it will be square for easier production.

All the pages are covered with either patterned paper or paint and the edges are sanded. ~~~ Now it's time to distress and detail.

Stay tuned for more pictures as time goes on.....

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Pam said...

Looking good Karen! cant wait to srr the finished alubm. You fif a great job designing the album@