Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cocklit Do - NUTS with Sprinkles......

He is one of the happiest boys in the world, most of the time. He was definitely happy on Friday. He got a "Cocklit Donut with Sprinkles" He always picks the same kind when Gammi gives into his request to go to the "Donut Store" as he calls it. He asked several times this week so Friday I decided to give in.

I don't think I will be so quick to get him another Donut for breakfast anytime soon.

At 2 1/2, Adler is full of energy. He loves to run and play. He loves to climb. He loves life.

I love keeping Adler while his Mommy and Daddy go to work. My life is filled with hugs and kisses and smiles. But after a morning of play and keeping Adler safe, I am definitely ready for naptime. Usually it isn't a problem. If you can get him still for a couple of minutes, he will usually nod off. A blessed 45 minutes or so of quiet and rest.

But this Friday was very unusual. I noticed Adler was talking to me more than normal. We had lots of fun and interesting conversations that morning, about his toys and the kitty who lives in my phone. Lunch time rolled around and he had a hard time sitting to eat. Because he wanted to talk to the Kitty and show him his toys. That has been one of Adler's favorite things to do. Click Link to see him in Action.

At nap time I can usually get Adler to lay down and with in a couple of minutes he has dozed off. On the days it is harder for him to go to sleep, I can hold him on my lap and jiggle him alittle and with in about 5 minutes he is gone. As a last resort, we go somewhere in the car. He falls asleep pretty quickly, usually before we get out of our subdivision. But Friday nothing worked. Adler talked. ....and talked. .....and talked.

I do believe that his mouth moving so much kept his eyes awake and sleep was elusive.

Whatcha doing Gammi?
And I would stop and explain just about everything I did that day.
Where’d you get that Gammi?
For just about everything I would touch or would catch Adler's attention. And I would tell him I bought it at the store.
What store did you buy that at Gammi?
And I would tell him what store if I could remember.
He would then tell me what stores he liked.
I like the Red Store? (target)
I like the Blue Store? (Old Navy)
I would ask him if he liked Gammi's favorite store (Archiver's which he understood, because we always call it Gammi's store when we go shopping there every week.) and he would say,
I asked him why and he said
They don't have toys.
I said yes they have Gammi's toys.
He thought for a moment and then said
OHHHHHHH. Gammi's Toys
And then we would repeat the cycle again.
Whatcha doing Gammi?
And then there was that other word.....
Whaaat??? Whaaat???
The Whaaat’s came after and any directions I gave him. It was like either he didn't hear me, he chose not to hear me, or he didn't understand what I was saying. He would just look at me and say that word. I would repeat myself, and he would say it again.
When we ask him to do something and he doesn't respond we say, “look at my eyes” and when we have eye contact we say, “Follow directions” That usually works.
When it doesn’t we say “ What happens when you don’t follow directions?” and he says. “You get swallowed by a whale” (JONAH)
But yesterday it was “WHAT”
I love him, but by the end of the day I was telling him, “Adler, if you say WHAT one more time, I think I might scream.”
It was a good day. Adler and I had lots of quality time together. But Gammi was tired and maybe a little bit NUTS.

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