Friday, September 18, 2009

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE.....Jimmy Buffet Song Titles

Beginning the day after MANANA we are on HOLIDAY. Life in the real world is SIMPLY COMPLICATED so Mike and I have a LICENSE TO CHILL. AT FIRST LOOK we will be saying "I HAVE FOUND ME A HOME." COME MONDAY, We will be having a CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE, visiting MARGARITAVILLE, and working on CHANGES IN LATITUDE, CHANGES IN ATTITUDE. With a little LOVE AND LUCK we won't be TRYING TO REASON WITH HURRICANE SEASON. Instead we will be looking out our WINDOW TO THE WORLD and taking a TRIP AROUND THE SUN. Hopefully we will see some FINS and some SCARLET BEGONIAS. We will be BAREFOOT CHILDREN because we are GROWING OLDER BUT NOT UP. We will TAKE ANOTHER ROAD to ONE PARTICULAR HARBOUR where we will be listening to SAXAPHONES and possibly some ELVIS IMITATORS. We will be watching jugglers and acrobats DEFYING GRAVITY and fire eaters with PENCIL THIN MUSTACHES and LITTLE MISS MAGIC doing their tricks on Sunset Pier and Duval Street . We won't be checking in very often to see if EVERYONE'S TALKING on the COCONUT TELEGRAPH. We won't be INCOMMUNICADO, but IF THE PHONE DOESN'T RING, IT'S ME. Instead we will be LIVING IT UP and looking at the STARS ON THE WATER and the EVERLASTING MOON. When we get home, we won't be making any COASTAL CONFESSIONS, but I am sure we will be willing to stop ANYTHING ANYWHERE ANYTIME to go BACK TO THE ISLAND.
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S Morrill said...

lol, I could almost sing my way through your upcoming vacation. Can't wait to see the pages that come from it!

Jun Bug House said...

Oh I love this Karen.
I hope you have a wonderful time.
Can't wait to see pictures.
Hugs to you both.
Have fun, be safe.
Lub ya,

ELiScrAper said...

You are so cute. Have a ball. great place!