Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conversation - or is it Manipulation

My car has been in the body shop getting repairs. They called to tell me it was ready. I strapped both grandboys in their carseats in the rental car I had been driving and headed to the body shop to pick up my car. As we were leaving the neighborhood this conversation took place.
Now remember - Drake is 2 1/2 yrs old and Adler is 20 months old.

DRAKE: Adler, Adler, Adler
GAMMI: Why are you calling Adler? What's he doing?
DRAKE: I'm talking to Adler
GAMMI: Oh, I'm Sorry, Go ahead and talk to Adler
DRAKE: Adler, do you want nuggets or burger?
ADLER: Nuggets
DRAKE: Gammi, Adler wants Nuggets
GAMMI: OK, but we have Pizza at home. Do you want Pizza or Nuggets
DRAKE AND ADLER: (in unison) Nuggets
DRAKE: Adler, do you want Apples or Fries
ADLER: Apples
DRAKE: Gammi, Adler wants Apples
GAMMI: Oh okay, Where are we going to get Apples?
DRAKE: We're going to MacDonalds
GAMMI: No we are getting Gammi's car
DRAKE: ....before we go to Gammi's house.
GAMMI: Oh we are going to get Gammi's car and then go to MacDonalds before we go back to Gammi's house??
DRAKE: Yes, that's a good idea.
GAMMI: OK do you want milk or juice?
DRAKE AND ADLER: (in unison again) JUICE

So I picked up my car and after getting the car seats switched from the rental car to my car and the boys all buckled in, I headed to MacDonalds. How could I tell two little boys who reasoned it all out on their own, that they couldn't have Nuggets, Apples, and Juice for lunch. Pin It

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Jun Bug House said...

To answer your question.....
You can't.