Thursday, September 24, 2009


Our final evening walk on the beach in Key West turned into a very special moment. We were talking about the movie UP and how it was the start of our Big Adventure. As we were walking we noticed a young couple sitting on a blanket feeding a baby. They were all dressed in white and it was such a sweet scene to stumble upon. We asked them if they had a camera and would like their picture taken. They said yes, and then told us they had JUST gotten married.

We walked on for awhile and then turned around to come back to our "home away from home" In the sand was part of a heart that someone else had drawn it the sand with an "M" in it. The waves had washed the rest of it away. I reached down and completed the heart and wrote "& K" in it. Then we took pictures of it.

When we got to the end of the beach there was an older couple taking pictures of each other in front of the palm trees. So once again we asked it they would like a picture together. They said yes. She thanked us and told us that they have hardly any pictures together. That our taking their picture was special because they were in Key West celebrating their 42nd anniversary.

We asked if they had seen the movie, UP. We told them about how we came to be in Key West and told them that we recommend it highly. The husband said to us as we were walking away, "We are working on FOREVER"


What a romantic walk on the beach.

What a wonderful way to end our stay in Key West.

Tomorrow we head north to Key Largo and the Everglades.

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