Saturday, April 11, 2009

Project 364 - I missed a day.......

April 2 - We had hail damage to both cars and the house. We will have a huge deductible to pay, but at least the boys got a Good Neigh Bear from our insurance adjuster thanks to Pops. Mike saw the boxes of bears under the big State Farm tent and told the adjuster that his grandsons really needed some of those bears. Here is Adler getting his bear.
April 3 - Bluebonnets. I was driving through Cedar Park and spotted this field of Bluebonnets. It's the same field I took the boys pictures in last year. I pulled over and snapped a few pics of Adler. This is my favorite picture. He looks so happy and carefree.
April 4 - NO PICTURES :>(

April 5 - Drake fell asleep in the carseat. He looks uncomfortable, but his head kept falling over like that.
April 6 - The view from my computer.

April 7 - Sometimes you just have to let them do stuff for PICTURES sake. I had just pulled a clean tshirt out of the drawer. Adler was sitting on the rocking chair. I pulled the tshirt over my head and by the time I turned around, Adler was standing in the drawer. Looks like he's saying, "oops, I got caught". I was glad my camera was close by to catch this picture.

April 8 - Sweet sleepy boy

April 9 - How does this work? Adler and Pops were in the back yard, blowing bubbles with the new bubble gun. Adler had to try to figure it out.

April 10 - I'll follow this man ANYWHERE!!!

April 11 - What I am working on. PINK, PINK, PINK.

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