Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Project 365 - Week 9

It's been a horrible computer morning.....I have had more Internet pages not cooperate with me than ever before. I tried to do another post to the blog, got it all ready, and it disappeared. I tried to pay for a membership for my sweet husband to his favorite Internet radio station with no commercials and it didn't like the credit card I put in, so I had to start all over. ARRGGGH.
Then I downloaded today's photos from my camera to the computer. Foolishly, I formatted the card before checking to see if they actually were on my computer. So for today's picture, instead of a darling picture of Adler holding his blankie and his duckie, you get a staged picture of my favorite figurine. At least I got to practice at doing a still life photograph.
Well enough venting for today.....onto the photos of the week.
February 26 - Amy, Drake, and Adler. I got to spend some time with Amy and we decided to take the boys on a walk with their new wagon that Pops bought for them. Poor little Drake didn't fit very well with his splint so he decided, "I walk". We finished the walk with him holding his mommy's hand and me pulling Adler in the wagon. But I managed to snap this picture before Drake got out of the wagon.

February 27 - I looked out my window into the neighbor's back yard and this is what I saw. This dog is "psycho" to quote his owners. He will chew through the fence and I can't tell you how many mini blinds they have had to replace when he has been left alone. But this particular day he was quite calm.
February 28 - I went to Logan's 4th Superhero Birthday Party. Logan is my friend Kathy's grandson. He is the blonde batman holding the ray gun in the middle of this picture. There were several batmen, a superman, a super ballerina, a super butterfly, and a super ninja in attendance at this party.
Drake and Adler have been the recipients of Logan's outgrown clothes. As a matter of fact most of the clothes you see the grandboys wearing in my pictures, have been worn by Logan first.
March 1 - Since Mike was sick, I went to play with Drake at his house so mommy and daddy could go to church. Here he is cooking me lunch. What a good little cook he is. He takes after his daddy.
March 2 - Drake's first full day back at Nanee's house after his surgery. He is playing his piano for me.

March 3 - Kissing cousins. The boys really liked each other. I would catch them giving each other hugs or Drake kissing Adler on the top of the head. Adler is learning to give kisses. But hasn't quite mastered the pucker yet. Here he is trying to kiss his big cousin.
March 4 - This is picture is not the intended picture for today. But it works. It is a statue of a bird that I got from my mom. It usually sits up on a shelf in my pink and black scrapbook room.

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Pam said...

I hate those computer days, but fun pics and pretty bird!

christi said...

thanks for the comment.

i wish i could take credit for shower favor ideas but i can't. someone else did it for a shower she just hosted. we did pick out the paper thai we were using to mach the other shower decor and the stickers to go on the front. she didn't use stickers. she used stamps and then colored the stamps in. her's were really cute too.

we just made a cake topper to go on top of the cake we are having made. so check back soon! it turned out very cute!!

Jacquie said...

It sounds like it was a challenging day!!