Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project 365 - Week 8

February 19 - Adler was telling me about one of his toys. I have no idea what he was telling me, but it was definitely something very important.
February 20 - Spring is around the corner. One of the first signs in my yard is when my magnolia bush starts showing off it's beautiful purple blooms.
February 21 - Puppie loves to lay on MY pillow. She thinks it's her pillow and she just lets me use it at night. Good thing I was changing the sheets on this day.
February 22 - Drake came to spend a couple of hours with Nanee and Pops on Sunday so his mommy and daddy could go to church. Since his arm is still in the splint, a church nursery is not a good place for him to be. We had such a good time reading books and playing in the front yard. He almost caught this bubble.
February 23 - Adler work up from his nap and took some time to look out the window. He was saying "birrrrrrr birrrrrr" which I think is Bird in Adler language.

February 24 - It was a beautiful day - 81 degrees outside, so Adler and I played in the back yard. My Christmas present was a fenced off area that was reserved for the boys to play in. A place that would stay clean and would not have to be scooped before we went outside. Sydnee did not understand why she couldn't get in and play ball with us. She tried her best to crawl under the fence but found she was just too fat.
February 25 - Mia and Papa John Walker brought this ball pit from Baytown for Adler to play with. April decided it needed to be at my house so both boys could enjoy it. I finally got a chance to get the air compressor out and blow it up this morning. Adler loves it. He wants to say "THANK YOU to Mia and Papa John!!!"
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Heart of Home said...

As always, love the pictures of the grandkids. You are so blessed to be living in a warm climate, Karen. Enjoy your flowers. I have two feeble looking daffodils blooming but the snow this morning was hard on them.

Love the picture of your dog by the fence. What an adorable face.


Pam said...

Love the sweet pictures of the grandbabies but the picture of the dog with her head sticking through the fence is so cute!