Sunday, December 28, 2008

Runny Noses means Creating Time

Cedar Fever or Common Cold - Whatever it is, it has my DH staying inside. Whatever it is, it means I get to spend time in my Scrapbook Room. We are planning on leaving Tuesday for a couple of days on the beach and we want to be able to enjoy it. Though the weather was warm yesterday, the wind blew hard all day long. Perfect weather for stirring up the Cedar Pollen. Today it is dreary and cooler. Mike usually goes crazy when he is house bound for any length of time. He was starting to get bored, so I suggested he go to CVS and stock up on DayQuil/NyQuil. Friday he went to see the pharmacist who suggested Benedryl and Sudafed. Didn't help do anything but made him feel worse. So whatever Mike has going on, has turned into a blessing in disguise for me.

2 full days in the scrapbook room and a double page layout finished. That may not seem like alot to you, but considering it usually takes several days for me to just decide on placement of elements before I glue, I feel like I accomplished a tremendous amount.
  • handstitched my borders on my mats
  • stamped, colored and cut out the embellishments
  • designed the title and cut it on my KlickNKut
  • inked the plain cardstock so it looked texture
  • created my journaling in Word to cut into strips
I have never handstitched on a layout before. It has always been too easy to walk over to my sewing machine and stitch away. I have always admired Scrapperlicious's (Irene Tan) with all the detail and handstitching, I decided to give it a try.

Here are the results.

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fransmomma said...

those are great!! kudos for handstitching. thats way out of my league. :)