Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have to vs. GET TO

When my son Zach was a teenager, he had a very wise youth minister. Not wise because of years or experience, but wise in seeking God and communicating to teenagers what God would want them to hear. Many times, as I served as a sponsor, I had the benefit of hearing what God spoke through this young man. One of the things that has always stayed with me is the concept of Have to vs. GET TO.

He spoke in terms of GETTING to Go to church and meet with God, GETTING to pray to our Heavenly Father, GETTING to serve others through Mission Projects. The whole concept he was trying to get across was that all the above mentioned things were things to be desired and were a privilege.

I have been thinking about that concept alot lately, and can't help but smile when I think of it. Allen, that young youth minister, is now a husband, father, and is still a big part of my life, even though I don't see him as much as I would like. He is still youth pastor at my church, I still call him my adopted son, he is still one of my son's best friends, and I always get an AWESOME Hug when I see him.

But, back to what I wanted to say. I am grateful for my life. Because I live in a country where I GET to do just about whatever I want. I GET to live in a house big enough that I can comfortably care for my mom in her old age. I GET to take care of our home ( IE. clean, do laundry, cook) and the mundane things of life, so that my sweetheart can work hard to support our family and then relax when he comes home. I GET to spend my time taking care of my grandboys instead of hearing about strangers in daycare meeting their needs while their mommies work. I GET to clean their bottoms and sing Jesus Loves You to them. I GET to go outside and enjoy God's creation on a regular basis and can climb up hills and trek through woods, because I have been blessed with good health. I GET to create something from scratch almost everyday, because I have been blessed with talent and a place to call my own, where I don't have to clean up before I start something else. (and that is a good thing, because I usually have several projects going at one time. To the normal person it looks chaotic).

Allen, thank you for teaching me the concept of GET TO. And thank you GOD for Blessing my life.

AND now I am going to make some sense out of the chaos I call my studio. I will work on Adler's Halloween costume. I will finish the picture frame I am altering. I will work on the scrapbook layout I have laying on the table. And I might make a card or two. I GET TO love life. Pin It


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fransmomma said...

thanks for sharing. that made me happy. and i think allens pretty awesome myself. ;-)

Pam said...

Great words to live by! Love your room, lots of room to play!