Saturday, May 10, 2008

Did you ever want to do something, but just put it off?

When I was a kid, I rode horses all the time. My neighbor in elementary school had a horse and we rode him every day. Then when I was in middle and high school, summers were spent riding to a nearby farm on my bicycle only to trade it in for a horse to ride on the country roads all afternoon. I loved horses. And when I wasn't riding, I spent my time dreaming and drawing them.

Then I grew up. I moved to Texas and never rode again. Go Figure. You would think that in Texas, home of the cowboys, I would have plenty of opportunity to ride. But no. It just wasn't in the cards. But I never gave up hope.
When we were planning our trip to Kauai, Mike asked if there was anything I wanted to do. As I was reading the WWW to find out, I found a link for Princeville Ranch and knew that is what I wanted to do.
It took about 30 years for my "dream" of riding again to come true, but on April 30th it did. We rode to a waterfall, ate lunch at the waterfall, and then rode back. It is something I will always be proud of because I fulfilled a dream that morning.
But better than that, I faced a fear. Little did I know that included in the adventure was scaling a rock wall holding onto a chain and carabine across the top of the falls holding on to wire cables. I hate high places, so when they handed each of us a belt with a carabining clip on it, I thought to myself. OH NO!!!!

But I did it. And it was fun. Yippee!!! I couldn't wait to get back to civilization and call my dare devil son, Zach, and tell him I climbed a rock wall. He was very proud of his Mom. LOL.
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Pam said...

Wow!! Beautiful location but don't know about the rock climbing. Sounds like you had an awesome vacation!