Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God's Beauty Everyday

Have you looked at Creation around you and really noticed the intricacy and majesty of it? We go through our everyday life not noticing what is around us and we take the beauty of God's Creation for granted. The next time you walk out your front door, look around. Take notice of the plants and the sky and the landscape and the animals. Don't do what I did and wait until you go on vacation to notice how magnificent it is.
I once read a quote that got my attention about creation and now I share it with you.
"Believing in the Big Bang Theory is like believing that a tornado can pass through a junkyard and leave a brand new perfectly assembled perfectly running car behind."
Here is some of the Beauty Mike and I are experiencing this week!
The View from our Balcony

View From our Balcony

The Road to Kapaa

mountains, Kauai

The Lighthouse at Kilauea

We were up early Tuesday so we decided to head to Waimea Canyon to watch the sunrise. It was cloudy but oh so beautiful!!
Waimea Canyon
Waimea canyon
Stay tuned for more to come......It is a wonderful place to be.
And we are blessed.
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Pam said...

Beautiful and stunning! Iknow you are having a wonderful time!

Amanda Barras said...

Wow these are so beatuiful!!! Great shots! I am so glad yall had a chance to take this wonderful escape from the norm!