Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Drake and Adler are almost 1 year apart in age. I was concerned that Drake would be jealous when I started babysitting Adler. Drake had his "Gammi" all to himself for a year and now here is this "new guy" taking up Gammi's time. But the opposite is true. Drake loves his little cousin. I can see many years of them being best friends. Drake will show Adler the ropes.
And Adler loves to watch Drake and laughs when Drake plays with him.Drake is a good helper and wants to help take care of Baby Adler. Notice that Drake not only has the bottle trying to feed Baby Adler, but has the burp cloth ready to wipe his face.And Baby Adler blows him kisses.
I love spending my day with these two little Blessings from God .
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Pam said...

I saw Adler in person today and he is even cuter than the pics, and so sweet and full of grins!!

Amanda Barras said...

What little cuties!!!! They are so sweet together!

Amanda B