Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Beauty Shop Girl"

That's what we call Sydnee, our sweet little girl Australian Shepherd. Every summer we have clipped her ourselves, because her coat is very thick and her feathers grow almost to the floor. This year we decided to take her to Petsmart to have her groomed. We figured the cost was much better than all the hours it takes us to get all the hair clipped each summer.

So it took them 4 1/2 hours, but I know she will be much happier this summer. Especially since we have had our first 100+ degree day already.

So here are the before pics:

In the car on the way to Petsmart

Back in the car on the way home from Petsmart

Glad to be home

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Amanda Barras said...

Awe doesn't she just look beautiful!?!?!?! I am sure she will bw so happy when she is outside to be rid of all that hair!

Amanda B

TheShermanFam said...

HI! I just saw your comment on Triple the Sketch and wanted to respond...
I am actually still working on the mini album, but will send you a message when I am done!
BTW...I use to live in Leander...small world!!

Ember Sherman