Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well if I can post once a month, I guess I will be doing pretty good. There is just too much on this earth I want to do. And being creative keeps me so busy that sometimes I forget to do anything else.

“A person with a hobby is a person whose life is interesting. Psychologists say that the development of an absorbing hobby, particularly one involving the use of the hands, is one of the most important elements in leading a well-balanced and well-integrated life. When the mind and the hands are occupied with the creation of something useful and attractive, there is no room for discontent, boredom, petty worries, fears and jealousies, and there are few pleasures to equal the sense of accomplishment of holding in one’s hands the skillfully finished product of one’s own effort.”
I read the above quote in an antique Singer Sewing book and have found it true in my life. I have always been creative and dabbled in just about every craft imaginable. A day without creating is a sad day in my house.

My creativity goes in many directions. Since I was a Bridal Designer/Seamstress for many years and have sewn since I was in elementary school, part of my creative time is spent at the sewing machine. I have made bridesmaid dresses for the daughter-in-law of a Govenor of our state and wedding dresses for more people than I can count. I have made all my own clothes for many years and much of the decorations for my home.

BUT nothing compares to the joy I get from Scrapbooking. I discovered Scrapbooking in 2001 when we took a vacation (our first big one as a couple) and wanted to preserve our memories. I had friends who were scrapbookers and they always tried to get me to join their ranks. I know myself well enough to know that once I start something that I do it the whole way. I kept telling them, "I don't have time for another hobby." Well once I started, I realized how right I was in making that statement. I have become totally obsessed. My sewing studio has been overtaken with paper and embellishments. And most of the sewing that has taken place in this special room has been IN MY SCRAPBOOKS. Yes, sewing machines work on Paper too!!!!

My favorite subject right now besides my grandson, Drake, are the day trips my Dear Husband and I take. We take our cameras and hit the road to explore Texas. If you would like to see some of my projects, you can check out my gallery on 2Peas. My Peanut name is Kaldesign.
Hiking in State Parks and Wildlife Refuges and visiting the Zoos have been our focus of late. They will be the subject of future projects. Stay tuned.
Well I am off today from babysitting my precious Drake, so I will be working on my Design Team Project, Classes, and Page of the Week for the BEST Scrapbooking Store "on the Planet", SCRAPBOOK CROSSING .
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Melissa J said...

Hey girl! I had no idea you had a blog! Thank you so much for sharing! No wonder I feel such a kinship with you. Many of the things you have written in your blog are thoughts and emotions I have too (my husband is my best friend, I need a creative outlet for a balanced life, my little ones are just too darned cute!, etc.) Have a good day!