Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The link above is a short video of the KNK Element - presented by my friend Sandy. I am so excited, because MY ELEMENT is on the way!!! I ordered it from Sandy and Susan. I have a Craft Robo and have loved creating things with it, but in comparison to the ELEMENT, the Craft Robo is a toy. I will be able to cut lots of other things besides just paper. I can't wait to see for myself what this little machine will do.

And I owe it all to my dear husband, Mike. God blessed me with a husband who totally supports my hobbies. He has never discouraged me from my need to create. As a matter of fact, he would ask me on a regular basis ..."Have you ordered your cutter yet?" I am the one who held back, not knowing whether I should take the step or not. But then Mike has never discouraged me in doing anything. He always has been my biggest supporter. He has never told me I couldn't do anything. If he thought something was a bad idea he would tell me, but he always let me make my own decisions. I can only remember one time in our almost 30 year marriage that my DH told me "NO".

We were at the grocery store waiting in line to check out. We had been married about 12 years at the time. I reached over and put my favorite candy bar on the conveyor belt with the rest of the groceries. Mike saw me do it and turned to me and said, "No Karen, you don't need that." Well, it was such a shock to me that Mike was telling me no. He never flat out told me "NO" Was I getting fat? Why was he doing this. I just burst into tears. (Must have been PMSing at the time) He saw my bewilderment and he reached down and picked up TWO of the same candy bars that were hidden behind a gallon of milk. Yes, that is the kind of husband I have. One who not only tries to give me things I desire and make me happy, but one who does it better than I would do for myself. Call me spoiled, if you want, but I call me BLESSED!!!
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