Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Hats

I am almost finished.  The big order, 9 hats is finished and delivered. These hats are going to the nieces and nephews of my mom's physical therapist.  Tate wore a monkey hat to visit mom one day last month.  She asked where I got it and when I told her I made it, she asked if I could make some for her family.  Sock monkey hats for the little boys.  One older boy got a Spurs hat since he lives in San Antonio.  And the girls got Roxy Owl hats.

  3 more orders by Christmas and several on the waiting list for after the first of the year. 

One of my customers sent me this picture via a Facebook Message so I don't know where she found it. Her message said, "Could you make this hat for Emmalynn? What I readlly like about is the colors - Christmas-like but NOT bright. Let me know!"

So I went on a search for yarn. After the third store I found this yarn.

I shared it on Facebook so my customer could see it and got some interesting comments.

I just had to laugh when I saw the comments.  My thoughts were "They just have No Vision."
I am so glad I can see something unusual and envision it differently.  Truly a gift from God.  This yarn wasn't exactly like the yarn the hat I was trying to recreate was made from, but it was the right colors.  The YARN was the only thing I could find after visiting 3 stores that was the right colors.  That was what was important to my customer.  So I bought it.

I must admit that I was afraid it wouldn't be a vibrant as the original.  But as I worked with the yarn, I really liked how things were turning out.  


So There You have it......
Now back to my YARN. :)

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