Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

When we first married, 30 plus yrs ago, Mike made me my first Texas Style Belt.  He tooled leather and stamped my name in the back.  I kept the belt for all these years.  It is special to me because Mike made it, but it made me sad when I realized I probably would never wear it again.  Never as a belt anyway.  

I have been seeing leather cuffs at Craft Fairs, in shops around town, and on Pinterest.  I thought it might be cool to take the section that had my name on it and make myself a cuff.  To get some ideas I did and Pinterest search for "leather cuffs" and there were many options.   

This one REALLY caught my eye.  I love turquoise and brown.  AND it looked just like my belt.

I cut a section of belt the length I needed to go around my wrist.  
I rounded the corners and punched a hole in each end for the laces.
I used light blue acrylic paint and painted the leather.
I wiped the excess paint away from the leather.
After the paint was dry I used Johnson's Paste Wax and waxed the whole peace to give it some shine.
I threaded leather cording through the holes and slid beads onto the end of each leather tie.

And this is the Finished Product.

I love my new cuff bracelet.  

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