Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's almost Texana Designs time again, but today I wasn't in the mood for a card.  I was feeling really creative and wanted to do something different.  So I started digging in my stash and found some Acrylic Shapes.  I'm not even sure where they came from.  The have been in a small bin that was hanging way at the top of my slat wall over my work table.  Hmmmm.  What can I do with these?

I know coasters!!!  I will stamp on them and heat emboss them.  The Texana Designs Stamps I have to work with will be PERFECT for heat embossing.  So that is what I did, this morning.  I created Coasters.

WF036-Verbena and TD027-Texas Wildflowers words

WF035—Wildflower (Tall ) and TD050 Welcome

So how did I do these:  They were simple.  I made sure the acrylic was clean.  I stamped with Versamark and sprinkled with Embossing Powder. I used my heat gun to  melt the embossing powder. I colored the BACK of the disks with a few drops of ink on my Applicator and did it several times til I like the look.
NOTE:  On the Welcome Coaster I did the flower stamp. made sure it was cool and then stamped and embossed the word over it using the second color.

1. Versamark Stamp Pad
2. Adirondak Alcohol Inks - Pool, Butterscotch, Stream, Meadow
3. Embossing Powder - The silver and black powder are labeled Memory Depot which is out of business. ***EDIT I have just learned that Stampamania made the Memory Depot Embossing Powders. The Metallic Marmalade is from .  I have ordered from BMused for years and have found their embossing powders to be EXCELLENT!  They also have a great assortment of Ephemera.
4. T!m Holtz Alcohol Ink applicator
5. Acrylic disks - source unknown, but I have one similar in my T!m Holtz Idea-ology Fragments.  This technique would be great on any of T!m's Fragments to make embellishments or jewelry items.
6. Texana Designs Rubber Stamps Used: WF036—VerbenaWF035—Wildflower (Tall)TD027—Texas Wildflowers words, TD050 Welcome
7. Finished Coasters Pin It

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