Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Family of Heirloom Teddies....

Last year I made some Heirloom Teddies for the grandchildren of a Beloved Grandmother.  I used her Chenille Bedspread.  They were to be Christmas gifts for these young people.  Grandmother passed away right before Christmas.  The bears were still presented to the grandchildren, but instead of just an ordinary gift from the Aunt who commissioned the job, it became a very touching remembrance with lots of love and memories.

My customer called a couple of weeks ago asking if I could make some more bears for her.  Her daughter is going out of town on a long term job assignment to Australia and requested more bears to take with her.  She wanted one for each of her parents, her other grandmother, and her boyfriend.  

What a pleasure it it is to make such treasured items.

A new family of bears

Momma Bear

Daddy Bear

Grandma Bear
Boyfriend Bear.
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