Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crocheting - Making an OLD thing NEW again....


Crocheting used to be my THING.  When I was expecting my babies, I crocheted blankets for them.  And baby sweaters, and sweaters for me, and doilies, and afghans.  Many things have come and gone.  But many things have stayed.

Recently I have started crocheting again after a break of many many years....My grandsons needed cute little hats.  So I made a few.  Which led to making more.  And now I am crocheting all the time.  It is good to have something to keep my hands busy while I sit in the car on road trips.   I have also had a friend visit several times so she could learn how to crochet.

But I digress....
I have been thinking about all the things I have crocheted in the past and started looking around my house to see what I still have.  It was fun to see it all, so I thought I would share some of my creations with you, my blog readers.

Sweater Set Crocheted for Zach 1981

Granny Square Afghan for my mom 1982

Baby Granny Square Afghan for Michael 1974

Baby Blanket for Sara 1984

Sweater for Me 1980
Hat for Adler 2007

Doily hangs on my sliding glass doors 1994

Doily on Piano 1994

Afghan 1995

Fuzzy scarf 2006

Scarf and Hat 2005

Crocheted Edging on receiving blanket 1981

doilies on shelf on my scraproom 

Collar 1970's

Doilies 1970s
 I haven't crocheted very much in this decade until now.  I had forgotten how relaxing it was.  I had forgotten how fulfilling it is to see something wonderful materialize in your hands from a ball of string.  I hope you enjoy looking at my memories of this.

And stay tuned for new and fun things that will come as my rediscovery of CROCHET!!!
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