Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting it in Gear

Beginning June 1st I will be participating in 30 days of Creativity.
I decided to start a little early by doing a little something everyday to get a jumpstart.  Being Gammi for a 3 year old and an almost 8 month old doesn’t leave much time to get into my studio and I have found myself in a slump. 
Adler and Tate’s Mommy is an art teacher in middle school and there are 3 more days of teaching before summer vacation.  Vacation for her means vacation for me.  My rejuvenation comes from my creativity.  I love the sense of well being that I feel when I have something “beautiful” to show for my efforts.
Sunday May 29th:  I cleaned off my work tables from making the Christmas album in my previous post.  When I finished I sewed buttons on a vest I made for my husband.  He is not a “suit wearer”.  His style is Wranglers and Boots.  So for him, formal wear is a pair of starched jeans and a vest. 
Monday May 30th:  We took a road trip, so I didn’t spend time in my studio.  But I was creative.  My favorite pair of khaki shorts got some spots on them that would not come out.  I decided to do some hand embroidery on them to camouflage the spots and make them “cute” at the same time.
Tuesday May 31st:  The boys kept me busy today, but after they went home I started my new ironing board cover.  It will be fun to iron clothes on a pretty pink and black paisley ironing board.
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