Friday, August 13, 2010

My Summer is Over

It was a wonderful summer. We got to spend quality time with the Grandboys. We took them each to the water park and got lots of pictures. Scrapbook pages or mini albums will have to be made.

Adler found a beach ball and carried it around with him the whole time.

Drake was an old pro at the water park and wasn't a bit afraid to stand right in the middle of a fountain and let it get in his face.

We went to a baseball game at the Dell Diamond and got to see some wonderful fireworks. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the 4th of July.

We went to Galveston. Rusty played in the waves and we sat in our chairs with our Starbucks and watched the sunset. Can't think of a better way to end the day.

We went to lots of State Parks to hike. Brazos Bend was the highlight. Never before have we hiked with the alligators. They were all around us in the water and we even had to stop and wait for a few 6 footers to cross the path.

But the highlight of the summer for me was a trip to the San Antonio Zoo. We had tried several times this year to go see the animals. We actually got to the front gate TWICE but didn't get in.
The first time was over spring break. What were we thinking? We arrived about 15 minutes before the zoo opened and the lines to get in were already almost 2 blocks long. No Thank You.
The second time was a couple of weeks later. We got up and checked the weather. We got on the Internet and checked the radar for San Antonio. We even checked the San Antonio TV station's website for weather reports. NO RAIN forecast within 100 miles of San Antonio. So we headed there. As we approached the zoo it started getting cloudy. We thought that it had just not cleared off yet from sunrise. Sometimes in Texas there will be fog and clouds in the morning but by 9 or so it clears off and the skies are beautiful and filled with white fluffy clouds. That was what we were hoping for. But NOOOOOOO!! We pulled up to the front of the zoo and it started pouring down rain. Not just a shower, but a gully washer. Okay. Scratch that. Not gonna any pics of animals because we can't take our big cameras and lens out in the rain.

The third times a charm. I got lots of pictures. You can find more of the HERE. Below are two of my favorite.

It was a wonderful summer. We took road trips. We spent time with our family. We hiked A LOT. We took lots of pictures. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL....... WE SPENT LOTS OF QUALITY TIME TOGETHER. Mike and I have been blessed to find lots of things we enjoy doing together.

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Jennifer Stewart said...

I love this post, Karen. I'm so glad you had such a fun summer with Mike. :) So many couples find that they have nothing in common when their kids are grown. It's wonderful to see you and Mike love spending time together. :)