Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Vacation

Spring Break .... a week of vacation for school students and teachers is usually a week of vacation for us also. This year we worked around the house a little. We spent a day with the grandboys. We took lots of day trips. We had lots of fun. We spent a lot of time in the car. We saw lots of interesting things. And.....we watched spring unfold in Texas.
Day 1 was a visit to Sherwood Forest Faire where we met lots of interesting characters.

Day 2 of vacation we went to the Zilker Park Kite Festival in Austin. We went early and enjoyed watching families fly their kites. What a neat experience for the little ones it was to see all the kites in the air.

This was my favorite kite.
And after we visited the BIG kite festival, we stopped at Robin Bledsoe Park in Leander to see the Goucher Family Kite Festival. Lela, my daughter in love's sister is such a creative grandmother. She always plans such neat activities for her grandchildren and nephews.
This was the 2ND annual kite festival, complete with kites and cupcakes.

And here is my grandson, Drake, flying his kite.

Day 3 was spent at home. I played with the grandboys, Drake and Adler, while Pops built a new gate for our yard.
Day 4 was a rainy day. We stayed in and worked around the house. Rusty discovered a mud puddle in the back yard, so much of the day was spent cleaning muddy paw prints off the floor.
We went to our favorite Chinese restraunt for lunch and just relaxed the rest of the day.
Day 5 - We decided to head to Guadalupe River State Park to hike. On the road to Marble Falls we saw our first real bluebonnets of the season. Of course we had to stop and take some pictures.
We hiked a "less traveled" trail and spent lots of time exploring and ducking low hanging branches. It was a beautiful spring day and the sky was so blue. Here is one of the pictures of the Guadalupe we stopped to take.
And then we stopped to take more blue bonnet pictures on the way home.

Day 6 - We planned to go to the San Antonio Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. We got to the zoo about 9:30am and the line was 2 1/2 blocks long with lots of people waiting to get in. We decided that with a crowd like that it would be difficult to get good pictures and just drove on by. We went to the Botanical Gardens and walked around for awhile. This was not our most successful day, but we did enjoy each other's company.
This is a picture of the lake at the botanical gardens. It is in the middle of San Antonio, but you would swear you are somewhere in East Texas as you walk around the lake.

Day 7 - We went to Inks Lake State Park
in Burnet, TX . This a view of Devil's Hole from the overlook on the road entering the park.
We took Rusty Blue with us. This was his first State Park hike. For a puppie of 3 months he did exceptionally well. We were very pleased with his behavior and ability to walk on a leash.
We hiked to the river and he loved playing in the water. Here Rusty is saying, "Thanks Mom, that was fun!!!"
Day 8 - The first day of spring was rainy, cold, and windy. We made a trip to San Antonio to do a little shopping. I visited one of my favorite scrapbook stores and Mike visited his favorite pool cue salesman. We both came home happy with new toys. We stopped in Kyle for Barbeque on the way home and then relaxed at home for the rest of the day.
Day 9 - our final day (today) will be spent having lunch with my BFF Geri and then hiking in a local park this afternoon. We woke up to 34 degrees and sunny, so we know it will be a beautiful afternoon to spend outside. Cool but beautiful.
Tomorrow will be back to real life.
It has been a wonderful week.

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