Thursday, March 04, 2010

Photo Note Cards and Getting ready for a GIVEAWAY

Mike and I have spent the last five years enjoying photography.

When we first married, Mike spent time as a professional photographer. He shot sporting events and was a party photographer for Baylor University, when we lived in Waco. He did weddings occasionally.

After several years, he let his love for photography go by the wayside and got involved with our boys activities. First soccer, as a coach, referee, soccer board member, and whatever other job needed done. Then as the boys got older, we got involved in radio control racing. It was a family event. Mike and the boys raced and I learned to be score keeper and race director. It was great to be with our boys as they were growing up.

The cameras were not that big a part of our lives at that time. We still photographed important family events and took our cameras on vacation with us, but that was about it.

About 6 yrs ago, when our boys started thinking about getting married was when the love for photography got revived. Mike served as wedding photographer for our sons. I became a scrapbooker. All of a sudden, photography became a big part of our lives again.

We both got new digital cameras and discovered the joy of not having to buy film or pay for processing and printing all those pics we wanted to take. A "monster" was created. Now we both have several cameras and never go anywhere without one.

We spend a lot of time traveling around Texas, exploring little towns, state parks, and back roads looking for the perfect picture. As a result, we have lots of wonderful pictures sitting around the house and stored on our computers. We have been able to bless our friends with pictures of their families, wedding, babies, and art to hang on their walls. But until now, we never really did anything else with our pictures.

We had the idea a couple of years ago about making cards with them. We (Mike and I worked on them together.) made several sets and gave them away as gifts to friends. Everyone seemed to like them. That was as far as we got. We got involved in taking care of our grandchildren while their mommies worked. I also took care of my elderly mom who lived with us for 10 years, so there was little time to take our idea and run with it.

Just recently, my mom went to live in an assisted living center, because she required more attention than I could give her and our oldest grandson started preschool. I had some time to think about what I wanted to do and decided to try and revive my ETSY site again. I wasn't sure what direction to go. I was just going to create some things and see what happened. The first thing I put up were some note cards I had created. I got a positive response and an invitation to be a vendor at a local school fundraiser with my note cards. I took that as a sign and decided to run with it. I have spent the last couple of weeks preparing a inventory of cards and making plans to market them.

I am ready to reveal some of my cards here and want to start by giving some away to my blog readers. In my next post, I will include some pictures of note cards I have available and details of the GIVEAWAY.

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Pam said...

I know I have enjoyed the photography and all the people that see the album love it!! Thanks for shaing and I still owe ya!