Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Blogger with NEW THINGS on the Horizon.

I apologize for being a Bad Blogger.

There has definitely been an adjustment to be made in my thinking after we made the decision to find another home for my mom. She had been with me for 10 years. I don't think it was so hard to see my boys leave home as it was to have my mom leave. I guess the difference with the boys was that I knew they were going on to live productive, happy lives. They would be building families of their own and their lives would be getting richer and better. But with Mom it is different. With her memory fading and her level of activity fading, I can't help but wonder if she is really happy there. She seems to be content, and after two weeks hasn't had any negatives to say.
Today I talked to the activity directors and they assured me they would encourage her to participate in activities. I am anxious to hear if she played bingo this afternoon. I hope she remembers it enough to tell me about it when I ask.
So that is where I have been.

But I promise to do better. There are new things on the horizon. I applied for my Sales Tax Permit yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what I will do with it, but I thought I better get it while I was planning. My activities for the next month will involve getting things made to add to my ETSY Shop. I haven't done anything with it for about a year, but now is the time to get it stocked and see if I can make it profitable. Pin It


Pam said...

Good for you!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Bless your heart. I know how hard it has been to let your mom go somewhere else. David's grandmother refused to be in assisted living or anywhere but her own home for years and by the time she HAD to go to a nursing home (she lived alone, fell down and hurt herself) she was too feeble and ill to even enjoy herself in her new place. She had to go because she needed nurses to be near her 24/7 and it was what was best, but she couldn't enjoy anything because she had refused for so long to go. So, find a little comfort in the fact that your mom is able to enjoy herself at her new place and will make friends and have some fun new memories. (and you are close!) We were always so sad that David's grandmother waited so long and preferred to be alone and in danger of hurting herself.

{{{{{big hugs}}}}}