Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween can be such a fun time of year. I am not crazy about all the ghoulish things out there. All the graveyards people plant in their front yards and all the scary ghoulish decorations. But I love that we can help our little ones dress up and be someone or something else for a day. We can teach them to pretend. They can be whatever they want. Like Dinosaurs or UT Football Players. And I love that we can see the smiles on their faces as they play the games and get candy for their efforts. I love that we can give out candy to the neighborhood kids and see the smiles on their faces as they yell "Trick or Treat".
I love this picture I have so much fun with these two little boys. They make my world happy. They make me have hope for our future. I know they will help make a difference for those who they cross paths with. They have so much JOY in their lives.
Football Player Alder getting ready to make a pass. And as usual, he is being Supported by his Biggest Fans. Mommy April and Daddy Zach. They cheer him on in everything in life.
Drake the Dinosaur and his Cave Mama-Amy and Cave Daddy-Michael. I am so proud of Amy. She made the costumes that she and Michael are wearing. I hope that they had a wonderful day playing with Drake and making memories.
Waiting for C A N D Y !!!
Is this just the cutest little UT Football Player you ever saw???
And I love the smile on this little bouncy Dinosaur so much.

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